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Kuo Chiang Chen
Kuo Chiang Chen 2014.11.03 00:54 

Hello everyone,

Can anyone please tell me how I can request a refund on a job I opened and have paid but the job is not finished and with many problems but the coder is now ignoring me and accepting new jobs?

This is very upsetting for me as he has tricked me 3 times and asked me to wait because he is busy. Now I realised he is just doing other peoples work without finishing mine!

If anyone can help please reply.

Thank you.


Biantoro Kunarto
Biantoro Kunarto 2014.11.03 01:21  

You can use arbitration like this:

If deviation from requirements specified occurred during work under this Order, you can request arbitration to resolve the situation.

if you already accept in Work Acceptance and Payment, I think there is nothing you can do..

Alexander Voronkov
Alexander Voronkov 2014.11.03 03:06  
He will not be able to return the money back, but the fix - with pleasure!
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