toolbox not fully expanding


I am using mt5 on imac. I cannot seem to get the toolbox to expand. I can open it, but its view is really compressed, even when the window is expanded. 

Any ideas?


Hi @tektonjp.

Did you fix it? I have the same problem here.


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MT5 view settings

Alain Verleyen, 2017.10.21 18:25

I had similar problem and solve it this way :

  1. Terminal started. 
  2. File menu->Open Data Folder
  3. Double click on "Config" to open the folder.
  4. Close the MT5 terminal.
  5. Delete the file Terminal.ini
  6. Restart your Terminal, problem should be fixed (you could have to set your toolbars/windows as you like the first time).

Sergey Golubev #:

That worked good. Thank you very much. I am trying to use the toolbox window like a separated window. To put it in the second screen, for exemple. But when I do that, all the info contract and I cannot expand it anymore. Do you know some way for doing that?


Thank you Sergey,

that worked for me too. :) 

lost all my coding files after deleting  Terminal.ini
ansar9h #:
lost all my coding files after deleting  Terminal.ini
That doesn't make sense. Your coding files are not related with Terminal.ini
Sergey Golubev #:

Tqvm Sir...solve my same problem
Sergey Golubev #:

Thankyou.   This works.
Sergey Golubev #:

Amazing thank you 

Worked for me as well 

Sergey Golubev #:

Thank you. works.