MetaEditor: Code Folding & Occurrence Highlighting missing


Dear MetaQuotes,

you really put much effort into your MetaTrader 5 and MetaEditor 5 apps and provide frequent updates, which is of course much appreciated. You've even implemented relatively exotic and complex things like Python integration which — despite all the effort — probably relatively few users will ever need.

So here comes a request for two little yet powerful features that all other modern IDEs already have and that virtually every single MetaEditor user will benefit from. Plus they would arguably even be quick-wins for you, MetaQuotes, to implement, compared to much harder stuff you've already accomplished. So please excite your users and do it  :-)

I'm talking about...

1.  Code folding. which allows programmers to collapse blocks of code like functions, classes etc. into single lines of codes to vastly improve code overview no matter how long the program:

2. Occurrences highlighting, which — upon double-clicking any word in the code — automatically highlights all occurrences of this word, therby greatly improving code traceability and -understanding:

Those are two absolute killer features which no other modern IDE is missing because they are so powerful. As long as those super-useful and super-important features are missing in MetaEditor, it isn't really up to date and on par with other IDEs like Visual Studio Code and your users will continue to be forced to use a second IDE like Visual Studio Code in parallel like described here. But it sucks. So please put an end to such ugly workaround 'solutions', get MetaEditor 5 code folding and occurrences highlighting because those are the two features missing the most. Otherwise MetaEditor is a great app, but those two things are painfully missing.

So can you please implement code folding and occurrences highlighting still in 2021 (it's already a very longstanding feature request), MetaQuotes?

Thank you very much!


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Are there plans for expand/collapse of functions/structs/classes ?

Fernando Carreiro, 2023.02.03 13:24

As far as I remember, since back in 2018 (probably before that), users have been requesting that code folding be implemented in MetaEditor. Yet, MetaQuotes has done nothing about it.

I second this ++

Yes please!

Yes, please, please please!

I only use the Editor for compiling/debugging. I use Notepad2 with code folding.

Others use Notepad++, Eclipse, scite-mql, Emacs, Visual Studio, or other IDEs.