Change a pending order to market order

Fernando Carreiro  
Felipe Augusto Torres Maggico: Hi, is it possible to change a pending order to a market order? I tried to do it, but I receive a "no changes" return.

Obviously not! A Market order is executed at the current Bid or Ask price. For Pending orders, the price serving as the trigger is obviously above or below of the current market price. It can thus not be executed as a Market order.

If you really want to do that, then just execute a new Market Order (current price) and delete the Pending Order.

Alain Verleyen  
Trader_Patinhas #:
If you modify the price of a limit order to a value above ASK (for buy limit order) or below BID (for sell limit order), it will be immediately executed at the best market price, just like a market order.
(this is what happens in the Brazilian stock exchange market - I'm not sure about the behavior in Forex and in other markets).

You can't do that on Forex market.

On Brazilian stock exchange, the part of your statement I highlighted is not exact, using a buy limit this way is not like a market order. With a buy limit you can't have negative slippage, and that's why such order order used above the ask.