New MetaTrader 5 Platform build 2875: Improvements and fixes - page 4

Daniel Weckhuyzen:


I've noticed that the next chart-functions do not work :

ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_HEIGHT_IN_PIXELS, size)


ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_WIDTH_IN_PIXELS, size)

Is there a way to maximise a chart to full screen size ?



Chart width and height are about dimentions of the chart INSIDE the window it is being showed. 

Changing its values will not change the Window Size itself, but only the chart inside the window (be the window whatever size it is)

Those 2 commands you mentioned, are used to change the chart Ratio, inside the window it is. 

What you want, seems to change the Window size, the window where the chart is inserted.

You can undock the chart window using: ChartSetInteger(chart_ID,CHART_IS_DOCKED,true);

And manipulate the window using its handle to maximize, minimize, or do anything else with it. But depending on the feature (because manipulate window is a Window's feature, not a MT4/MT5 app feature, so depending on what you want to do you may need to load/ import user32.dll to achieve it. 

#import "user32.dll"

Every manipulation is possible. Some documentation are available here: 


and here some examples here: 128744