Risk reward ratio VS win ratio - page 2

Yongchuan Dai
Yongchuan Dai  
forget these charts,  put not loosing money in first place
Sergey Batudayev
Sergey Batudayev  
Igor Zizek:
Hi guys,

What is more important in your trading strategy? Risk reward (RR) or winrate percent?

If we want to have huge RR then entry and SL are very tight which can cause bad winrate...

On the other side we have winratio where we need to use wide SL or no SL at all) to get high winrate.
I saw many accounts burned to 0 when traders didnt want to lose/closep single trade and they were trading too much big lotsize without placing SL.

What are your experience about this topic?

First of all, you should pay serious attention to what you are trading, since if these are currencies, then most currencies have a range of price movement and here you need to understand that the winning percentage works better here.

If we talk about commodities and stocks / crypto, then it is better to work on the risk / reward ratio, since stocks are a more trading instrument and here you can really take a couple of X's.