What features are essential to have in EA from user's point of view?

Chui Yu Lui  

Except the winning strategy/ setting, what features are basic requirements from users?

Chui Yu Lui  
Mr Jack Joseph Wilson:

Its not necessary but I do like when they have mobile notifications option. Helps me keep track of trades and keeps me in the loop. 

Good ones to have for me:


Risk settings or Risk set files

Spread/Slippage Settings

It is good idea to have mobile notifications like Notification in MetaTrader App /  Telegram notification. 

Auto-Lot is good for single order strategy which is hard for Martingale strategy as it depends the strategy you used. 

Risk settings is good as well to see how aggressive you would like to perform. It should be included in good EAs.

Spread/Slippage Settings should be the basic functions in good EAs.

Your points are very good, thanks for sharing.