I bought an indicator on the Market but I have no instructrions about how to use It on my own Expert Advisor. - page 2

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Umar Ismail
Umar Ismail  

Yes, that's the point. The most important information is only been displayed in the chart but now visible on DataWindow.

This is a very important indicator but almost unusefull without a information that delivers the target of operation and the right moment of enter on operation. 

It's very dificulty to be an archeologist if the indicator seller don't pass at least one info. 

I could reproduce some behaviors for short operations, but for long it's not working.

Look at picture below:

I was using Trade DOWN/UP indicator to identify the right moment, but this signals are been displayed the same value in short or long operations. I could expect that for long operations the value of TradeDown =0 and TradeUp =1, but it's not happening.

TradeDown = 1

TradeUp = 0

actual data is displayed 
you just take it 
even if the indicator gives a picture 
you can also retrieve information from it 
Comment (iCustom (Symbol (), 0, "name indi", x, y)); 
you change the value of x, and y
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