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Hello all, I was having some trouble with an idea I had recently and I would love to get some help if possible. I'm pretty new in coding in general so if I'm missing something obvious I apologize. 

So below is my code and my idea was to be able to set the inputs of an indicator without them having to be specified in advance. The main problem is that my code as is works only for indicators that have 4 inputs only because of the only 4 possible inputs declared. 
More or less inputs make it crash. Any idea if it is possible to make it that way that it adjusts on every number of inputs needed each time?(My only thought was to make if else statements according to the NumberOfParameters input)

extern string IndicatorName="";

extern string parameters="1,2,3,4";

void OnStart()



int handle;

string ParametersArray[];

int NumberOfParameters = StringSplit(parameters, ',', ParametersArray);

double int1=StringToDouble(ParametersArray[0]);

double int2=StringToDouble(ParametersArray[1]);

double int3=StringToDouble(ParametersArray[2]);

double int4=StringToDouble(ParametersArray[3]);



panosz: indicators that have 4 inputs only because of the only 4 possible inputs declared.
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  2. There are no variadic functions.

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