Missing Toolbox window

My Toolbox window is missing, checked the .ini file it was there. I beleive it happened when I was dragging it to another screen.

Toolsbox? What is toolsbox? In Metatrader?
I had some case when everything was missing (because of computer/Windows crashed), and I fixed it on the following way:

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MT5 view settings

Alain Verleyen, 2017.10.21 18:25

I had similar problem and solve it this way :

  1. Terminal started. 
  2. File menu->Open Data Folder
  3. Double click on "Config" to open the folder.
  4. Close the MT5 terminal.
  5. Delete the file Terminal.ini
  6. Restart your Terminal, problem should be fixed (you could have to set your toolbars/windows as you like the first time).


It worked thaks so much.



Thank you very much. I had the same problem and I searched all over the internet and I didn't find anyone who knew how to inform the solution to this problem. You helped me cure this great headache.

thx @ sergey