Getting back onto the VPS

Hi everyone I just registered for the VPS here on MQL5 I then shut my computer down and I can't find how to get back to the VPS and also my MQL5 trading room has nothing in it which I guess is now been migrated to the VPS I am only new to trading been dabbling for about 2 months now any help would be readily accepted and thanks in advance for your help  Have a great day and all the best next week with your trading  Cheers from Downunder
  • Fill Community tab with your forum login and forum password (your forum login is flathead_13; did you subscribe with MQL5 VPS with this flathead_13 profile, right?)
  • Connect Metatrader to your trading account (MQL5 VPS is per trading account so you should know which trading account is/was used for thios VPS).

And gp to this page for details: