Expert Advisor issue (invalid license)


I have bought an EA a couple of weeks ago, and have been backtesting it before go live, however yesterday it stopped working and I get the error message:

"invalid license (508)"

"Loading of Perfect Score MT5 failed"

Could you help me? What should I do? In case a reinstall it, will this reinstallation count as another install and diminish from 9 to 8 the remaining installation numer?

Thank you, Octavio.

It is important to mention that it stopped working after I restarted my computer and some windows updates were installed during this restart.
Hi, did you spoke with developer about this problem? Regards Greg
I wrote to the developer as soon as I get this error, hopefully he will answer during the day. Thank you Grzegorz.
I finally solved this by uninstalling the EA and reinstalling it. However I would like to know if exists the possibility to ask the support team to compensate me with 1 activation for the one I lost.