Backtest with MultiSymbol EA



I am running a small EA and what to display some Horizontal Lines on open Charts on the Backtester.

With OpenedCharts() I read out all openend Charts and Print them.

It's working well with Live Trading, but in Backtest (Visual Mode) it only returns the one Chart, on which the backtest is running even when more charts are open. 

int OpenedCharts()
   long prevChart=ChartFirst();
   int chartCount = 0;
   Print("Number of charts = ", chartCount);
   return chartCount;

I open other Symbols by requesting the iClose() of the Symbols. Open a new Chart via ChartOpen() also not helps. This function seem not working on Visual Backtest mode.

So my question:

Does anybody knows how to Display Objects onto automatic opened charts in Visual Backtest mode? 

Thanks for your support!


ChartTest.mq5  3 kb

I think it will only show objects on the first chart.