Is it possible to load an indicator's info from within an EA without calling to iCustom etc.?

Martin Bittencourt  


recently I created an indicator that analize objects drawn in the graph iterating over ObjectsTotal() and plots signs in a DRAW_COLOR_ARROW buffer.

I'm curious to know if there is any similar way to to this between an EA and an indicator. Normally when an EA wants to get the information from an indicator's buffer, it has to load it inside himself by calling iCustom and similar functions. But is it possible to do it in a way in which no such call is necessary, may be in a similar way my indicator mentioned above does with objects?

This would be useful for me for two situations:
1) I would like to make an EA that gets the information provided by the mentioned indicator, but only getting the info for the current candle. Loading it by iCustom would force it to quite unecessarily charge the indicator for the entire asset's history AFAIK.

2) The indicator will already be plotted in the graph, so, AFAIK, making the EA load it with iCustom would imply calling the same indicator twice: one for me to see it in the graph and another time by the EA. In this second possibility, I could rather just attach the indicator to the graph for my visual analysis and the EA would grab that already processed information and work with it alongside - basically what my indicator already does with the objects I draw. 

So, is there any alternative to make an EA to get the data of an indicator's buffers or iCustom and similar is the only way?