Is it possible to draw automatic trendline by code as manual trendline ?


Draw trenline by codes are not exact as manual trendline.

It is difficult to get exact swing point ( Anchor point) as manual drawing.

So most trendline Expert advisor are not success.

In actually ,trendline breakout trading is better than other indicator trading system .

Here I want to know is Can a coder draw trendline by code as manual trendline as shown in picture 1 ?

Picture 2 is manual trendline and auto trade EA combination line.

First draw manual trenline and EA trade when price closed below or above this line.

I think trendline EA need to combine manual and automatic.

Cannot completely automatic because codes cannot draw exact trenline.

If I am wrong ,Please discuss here how to draw exact trendline by codes.

Thank you.

Michael Maggi
Michael Maggi  
In Market there are Indicators and EAs that allow hand-drawn trend lines which trigger orders or stop losses. Check there.