Library that uses the "MetaTrader module for integration with Python."

Joao Paulo Euko
Joao Paulo Euko  
Hi every one, 

I have developed a library that uses the "MetaTrader module for integration with Python."

I did it in an attempt to make life simple when developing an expert advisor with python.

I recently have added a connection to the MQL5 indicator to Python.

If you have interested, you can find the library here:

Ashkan Hazegh Nikrou
Ashkan Hazegh Nikrou  

Hi joao

Thanks to build this library, i am searching to find how to use python in mql5, and really how its be possible to improve efficiency by using python libraries in mql5.

I ll follow your library and try to learn more .

If you share items about communication between python libraries and mql, it will be help full for who like me.


Icham Aidibe
Icham Aidibe  

Same here.

I'm still looking for the true interest of using python+mt, for real perspectives, for things we weren't able to do before its integration and without and also how to use it in a practical and lightweight manner.

And I can't found ... the occasion for me to notice that MQL is really powerful, and it's likely I won't make no use of python in mt at all ... 

Laurent Soudron
Laurent Soudron  

Thanks for sharing, I'll check it out right away #joaopeuko