My EA works if hes first time on the Chart, after that he stops. When i compile him again he works again for one time and after that stops again


Hey Guys, my issue is the following:

I have an EA which has to send out messages via Telegram. If i put him on the chart he does everything right, sends the message out if specific paramters are valid. But if some candles go by and then its again valid, he doesnt send out a message, although he should. When I compile him then, he sends out the message, and i dont understand why he is kinda stopping to work. The interesting thing is the .mqh File which im using to send the Message is exactly the same for my other EA´s and it works fine for all the other EA´s but for this one he is kinda stopping and i really dont understand why, i already tried other Brokers, its exactly the same there too. Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be and how I could solve it?

William Roeder  

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