Why Expert advisor cannot load some custom indicator parameters


I really confuse in some conditions,EA cannot load indicator parameters.

In usual,iCustom function can put indicator parameters and can edit in external variables.

but some indicators parameters ,cannot load by EA.

It make hang tester.

Do you know why?

Please suggest some solutions.


My Friend

It can have some reasons, you need to check last error by function GetLastError if you access source code or you are programmer.

But one of the mean reason can be difference between original variable types and variables you pass to iCustom from EA.

For Example : when the first input parameter of indicator is string, but you pass integer parameter to iCustom, EA cant load it.

Other reason can be critical error like that array out of range inside Indicator code

You have to provide more information and the expert logs. Please visit the reference for iCustom by placing the cursor on iCustom and then press F1 - study the example!

Aung Swar:

It make hang tester.

Do you know why?

Please suggest some solutions.

  1. Then it's the indicator that is hanging. Indicator is broken.

  2. Do you really expect an answer? There are no mind readers here and our crystal balls are cracked. Always post all relevant code — both the indicator (or a link) and your iCustom (and related) code.
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              Be precise and informative about your problem

    We can't see your broken code.

    Fix your broken code.

    With the information you've provided — we can only guess. And you haven't provided any useful information for that.

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