file not recognized in backtest



i want to use a parameter file for my strategy.


The param file is in MQL5/files.

When i open datafolder/MQL5/files, i can see the file there.

Also, the file loaded correctly when applying strategy to chart.

Loading fails when backtesting, even i have the test file directive in the code:

#property tester_file "param.txt"

Also put the file into the common files folder which did not solve this.

So the file is in the file section of THIS MetaTrader (checked by Open Data Folder).

It is loaded correctly when applying to chart.

The tester_file directive denotes this file (no subfolder).

The file fails to load in backtest.

What do i wrong ?

(And who knows a good reason why file access in backtesting is handled this way at all ? A dynamic file access seems not to be possible).

William Roeder  
chinaski: The param file is in MQL5/files. What do i wrong ?

Perhaps you should read the manual.
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You did not put it in the testing_agent_directory\MQL5\files as the documentation says.
          FileOpen - File Functions - MQL5 Reference - Reference on algorithmic/automated trading language for MetaTrader 5