EA Working in Strategy Tester but not in real time.


Hello everyone,

I've been coding an EA to automatize my daytrading strategy, and i've run into an issue I cannot seem to solve. The EA runs smoothly and executes the trades automatically in the Strategy Tester, but when it comes to real time trading it doesn't do anything.

I have a variable to check if the first order is placed, and that variable never turns true in real time, but it does in the Strategy Tester. Also, I have commented the time so it appears on the top left side of the chart, but it stops counting after 9:30 am.

What is the problem here?

Thank you in advance.

The EA is able to check if the account is REAL of TRAINING.. See if you dont have something like that in coded.. Also there might be other limitations but to truly see you would either need to check yourself of pot a code of you EA..