Technical Support Question Concerning Web Trader

Hello There,

I have opened a new demo account for Metatrader 5.
No matter what I try I can't login from the web trader.

It says, "connection failed".
- I did restart the computer
- I did restart the browser
- I did try with another browser
Same issue.
I have checked the credentials and opened it from terminal, it works but the web trader is not.
Some technical support would be very nice.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Ps.: Where is Technical Support for Metaquotes pls?
I have tried to search but can't see it. :-o
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Technical support is on this forum.

Are you about WebTerminal ?
It works for me for several brokers.
You can try to connect WebTrader to your broker's demo account on Monday (because the market is closed during the weekend).

MetaTrader 5 Web Platform
MetaTrader 5 Web Platform
Connect to your account and trade in financial markets directly from your browser
carlo verusio
carlo verusio  


i'm trying to connect to the webtrader using TOPFX broker credentials but the broker is not displayed in the broker list of servers.

Do you know any solution to this?

How the broker can be added to the servers available?