Looking for a particular Indicator for ticks


Not sure if this exists... If not maybe I will try and make it.

Let me try to explain... Within the space of a minute, the price may move up and down dozens of times. Adding up all the separate micro-movements, you might see it travelled 30 pips in total, 20 up and 10 down. But the 1m bar/candle only shows a 10 pip upward movement. Many of the price movements covered the same ground, so the bar/candle might only be 10 pips tall, including wicks.

To me, a candle that consists of 30 pips upward movement and 20 pips down is stronger than a candle that moved 90 pips up and 80 down.

I'm aware that there are tick charts out there, but they always seem to disregard the timeframe and display i.e. 100 ticks per bar or similar. I'm looking for distance travelled per minute.

I also would like the data to be collected retroactively, rather than waiting for tick data to come in real-time.

Thanks for reading. Any resources that could help me make this myself would be also appreciated. I am looking actively.


usually, indicators are base on Chart Coordinate System.

the minimum unit of the time axis is 1min.

if you try to make a tick indicator, you have to built up a new time axis in some way, and put it one by one correspondingly to the chart x-axis. 

it should not be hard to code this if only you have coded some normal indicators.

just fill in indicator_buffer in ticks sequence with your calculated data in spite of the chart timeframe.

Nelson Wanyama
Nelson Wanyama  
I once found this somewhere. Fee free to play around with it.