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WebRequest () For MQL4 "New Update" Build 670

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Mohammed Bahadin
Mohammed Bahadin 2014.07.20 17:13 

The WebRequest () is very useful function it allow your EA to do ALL the work now Because now your EA can also look for "News" "Economic news" "Economic Calender" and evrything to look for when trading so now it can completaly take control to make the trading desecions on the basis of Technical and Fundamental analysis it is very important thing that make the EA able to look for News and evrything that happens on the Economic newses all over the world.

But i have tried to understand this function but i have not understand it very good until now i understand the porpuse of the function but i dont know how it works  !


So plaese let make evryone understand it and anyone that can a little bit about this function can write it here so that we can use the new informations to understand this Function better !



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