Copying trades from one MT5 account to another


Hope everyone are keeping safe during this time. I have a question regarding copying trades. I have and mt5 account with a signal provider. He enters the trades into my mt5 account from his own VPS and EAs. What I want is when he enters a trade into my account, I want that trade to be duplicated in another mt5 account using some kind of trade copier.

I have the master and investor password to my account. Just want to know whether I could duplicate the trades into another mt5 account.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hey you can do that by getting a free reciever and copier software from create an account)

Ste up the account that has the trades coming in with the sender software and load the second MT4 account on the same conputer with the reciever software 

Then set up you lot size and other parameters on sender and reciever  however you want .

Then when a trade comes in to your traded account(Signal copier)  it will copy on to the second account with your settings.

It only works on the same computer so you would have to know how to install multiple MT4 on one computer ( see youtube for instructions)