highly profitable higher time frame EA

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Thanks for your contribution to the Forex community, and i'm really excited about what robots can do. I have a strategy which has been very profitable via manual trading. I would like your help code an EA. I believe it will add more value here.

So, here is the concept:

1. An EA that will trade each candlestick. The focus is bigger time frames; daily, weekly, and monthly.

2. Stop loss, placed 20 pips below the wick of the candlestick.

3. Break even, move to BE once trade covers 40 pips. No trailing stop.

4.Take profit and trading approach;

- Take two trades for each candlestick.
- First trade closes, when it achieves 50 pips.(this ensures you at least book some profit should the market turn again you).

- Second trade will continue running and close at the closing price of the candlestick.


Also, include a code that would display the following information on the chart:


-Performance charts for currency pairs trades (daily, weekly, monthly)

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

You may go to Freelance to find the coder.


And there is my thinking about raw ideas (your trading system is not a theory, it is just a raw idea only).

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Can't Find Any Profitable EA on MQL5 in past 5 years.

Sergey Golubev, 2019.04.14 08:26

There are Raw Ideas, and it is about the following: "I attach indicators to the chart and see that it may be profitable".

There are Elaborated/Proven Ideas. It is about the following: the user was trading his indicators' setup during the several days/or weeks/or months on demo account (and, in some cases - on real/live account). I am not talking about backtesting. Raw idea became to be a Elaborated Idea by trading (at least - on demo).

Why to trade? To define the trading rules, and to know: when the system will let you win, and when you will lose by using this system (and why).

  • Some people prefer to do it (to trade to get the proof that their ideas are profitable ideas) in public threads
    by the following steps:
    - posting raw idea on the forum, with the indicators uploaded to the thread, and
    - trading with one broker,
    - trading with the other broker,
    - elaborate the rules of the system, and
    - ask for coders to code the proven profitable elaborated idea),
    - after that - receive EA based on this system (some coders may code for free using the public threads; some coders will never code for free ... up to them),
    - optimize the settings,
    - find the settings for some timeframes and more. Many people prefer to post/upload everything (incl final results as the EA for example) on their public threads.
  • The other people are doing privately (with no one can see it). In this case - we all do not believe in his results and do not trust him in general (because we have no idea about how he achieved the results, and we should be fully sure that his profitable system is not fake one ... but we are not sure because we do not know him in pertson and we do not trust any his word any his system).
  • And the other people do not do anything. They just ask: "did you finish your great job here? did you spend your money to find the settings, did you spend your time to trade this manuall system on demo or live, right? So, for now - you should give this profitable EA to me and explain all your system to me (for free of course!)".
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