High / Low Entry EA


Hi All,

Having a funny one with a super simple EA and I'm not sure exactly what the matter is.  In principle I simply want to execute a buy trade when the current market price (Going by the Bid) is greater than previous day's high, and also the other way - selling when lower than previous low.

      PreviousDayHigh = iHigh(_Symbol, _Period, 1);
      PreviousDayLow = iLow(_Symbol, _Period, 1);

        if (Bid < PreviousDayLow)
         if (Bid > PreviousDayHigh)

There is no problem anywhere else in the code as the subroutines Buy/Sell market are from other EA's that successfully execute trades.

The PreviousDayHigh/Low variables are extern double.

There is no issue flagged in the backtest journal, it compiles fine...just doesn't execute trades, I presume it is due to my inability to correctly use the language to identify the high/low value or perhaps the 'Bid' function.

The EA runs on the daily chart.

Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated!

Vladimir Karputov  

Perhaps this adviser is suitable for you: Previous Day Two Pending Orders

Trading strategy

The strategy is initially based on the assumption that if the previous daily candle is broken, then the movement will continue.

Strategy Settings:

* Minimum size of the previous daily candle : (calculation depends on the set Price Type )

Previous Day Two Pending Orders

Previous Day Two Pending Orders
Previous Day Two Pending Orders
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Стратегия первоначально строится на предположении, что если предыдущая дневная свеча будет пробита - то движение продолжится. * Минимальный размер предыдущей дневной свечи: (расчёт зависит от заданного Типа цен) * Отступ - минимальный отступ от цены бара, при выставлении может оказаться больше заданного из-за минимально-допустимого уровня...