How can I change Fibonacci levels display colour?


I tried to change the Fibonacci display color but it only changes the color of the diagonal line across the levels as in the image below. How can I change the level colors? Please see my relevant code below:


//| Create Fibonacci Retracement by the given coordinates            |
bool FiboLevelsCreate(const long            chart_ID=0,        // chart's ID
                      const string          name="FiboLevels", // object name
                      const int             sub_window=0,      // subwindow index 
                      datetime              time1=0,           // first point time
                      double                price1=0,          // first point price
                      datetime              time2=0,           // second point time
                      double                price2=0,          // second point price
                      const color           clr=clrBlack,        // object color
                      const ENUM_LINE_STYLE style=STYLE_SOLID, // object line style
                      const int             width=1,           // object line width
                      const bool            back=false,        // in the background
                      const bool            selection=true,    // highlight to move
                      const bool            ray_left=false,    // object's continuation to the left
                      const bool            ray_right=false,   // object's continuation to the right
                      const bool            hidden=true,       // hidden in the object list
                      const long            z_order=0)         // priority for mouse click
//--- set anchor points' coordinates if they are not set
//--- reset the error value
//--- Create Fibonacci Retracement by the given coordinates
            ": failed to create \"Fibonacci Retracement\"! Error code = ",GetLastError());
//--- set color
//--- set line style
//--- set line width
//--- display in the foreground (false) or background (true)
//--- enable (true) or disable (false) the mode of highlighting the channel for moving
//--- when creating a graphical object using ObjectCreate function, the object cannot be
//--- highlighted and moved by default. Inside this method, selection parameter
//--- is true by default making it possible to highlight and move the object
//--- enable (true) or disable (false) the mode of continuation of the object's display to the left
//--- enable (true) or disable (false) the mode of continuation of the object's display to the right
//--- hide (true) or display (false) graphical object name in the object list
//--- set the priority for receiving the event of a mouse click in the chart
//--- successful execution
//| Check the values of Fibonacci Retracement anchor points and set  |
//| default values for empty ones                                    |
void ChangeFiboLevelsEmptyPoints(datetime &time1,double &price1,
                                 datetime &time2,double &price2)
//--- if the second point's time is not set, it will be on the current bar
//--- if the second point's price is not set, it will have Bid value
//--- if the first point's time is not set, it is located 9 bars left from the second one
      //--- array for receiving the open time of the last 10 bars
      datetime temp[10];
      //--- set the first point 9 bars left from the second one
//--- if the first point's price is not set, move it 200 points below the second one
Vladimir Karputov  

You need to add the code to the help (OBJ_FIBO). Like this:

//--- create an object
   int levels                 = 3;                                   // number of level lines
   double values[3]           = {0.0,0.236,0.382};                   // values of level lines
   color colors[3]            = {clrAliceBlue,clrBlue,clrRed};       // color of level lines
   ENUM_LINE_STYLE styles[3]  = {STYLE_SOLID,STYLE_DASH,STYLE_DOT};  // style of level lines
   int widths[3]              = {1,2,3};                             // width of level lines
   long chart_ID              = 0;                                   // chart's ID
   string name                = "FiboLevels";                        // object name
   FiboLevelsSet(levels,      // number of level lines
                 values,      // values of level lines
                 colors,      // color of level lines
                 styles,      // style of level lines
                 widths,      // width of level lines
                 chart_ID=0,  // chart's ID
//--- redraw the chart and wait for 1 second
Documentation on MQL5: Constants, Enumerations and Structures / Objects Constants / Object Types / OBJ_FIBO
Documentation on MQL5: Constants, Enumerations and Structures / Objects Constants / Object Types / OBJ_FIBO
//| Create Fibonacci Retracement by the given coordinates            |               time1=0,                            price1=0,                         time2=0,                            price2=0,                        width=1,            //