Things which do not work in tester, but should



I am currently finding couple of things which don´t seem to work proper in tester, but which surely should. 

1. ObjectSetInteger(chartid, name,OBJPROP_ALIGN,ALIGN_CENTER)); - has no effect in tester, all edit fields have left alignment

2. ObjectSetString(chartid,name,OBJPROP_TOOLTIP,"Tooltip"); - has no effect, all objects have the name of the objects as tooltip

3. ChartSetInteger(chartid,CHART_MOUSE_SCROLL,false); - has no effect

4. ChartGetInteger(chartid,CHART_WINDOW_HANDLE); - returns NULL. I know this is wanted, for whatever reason, but it would be great to have this function in tester too same as it is in MT4

5. ChartSetInteger(chartid,CHART_SHOW_TRADELEVELS,false); - has no effect

6. ChartSetInteger(chartid,CHART_AUTOSCROLL,false); - has no effect

7. ChartSetInteger(chartid,CHART_CURRENT_POS,false); - has no effect

8. ChartSetInteger(chartid,CHART_SHIFT,50); - has no effect

9. ChartSetInteger(chartid,CHART_FIXED,false); - has no effect

10. ChartSetInteger(chartid,CHART_SCALE,1); - has no effect

Most of the chart setting functions dont seem to work correctly. 

Will this be fixed in the future?


In the tester or in the optimizer? The later doesn't have a chart, so no object or chart function.
William ... "The Tester"! :D 
Has anyone of the developers/moderators recognized this?

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New version of the MetaTrader 5 build 2450 platform: Subscription service, interface improvements and convenient features in MetaEditor

Renat Fatkhullin , 05/20/17 11:53

The stream opens at the first tick of the symbol.

Because you expect all the available information at once, and as soon as we say that there is no data and we need to somehow stimulate their arrival, the charges will begin.

We will redo the tester radically.
Not sure that "redo" will answer this topic but it's better to wait it before investing any time.

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The object does not work in the MQL5 strategy tester

Slava , 3/20/05/08 08:04 AM

At the moment, no one can help you.

In the tester, events from objects are not transmitted to the tested expert. But we plan for everything to work in the visual tester exactly the same as in the client terminal.

Alain Verleyen: Slava , 3/20/05/08 08:04 AM

What calendar is that?

William Roeder:

What calendar is that?

It's messed up due to the translation. Date is 2020.03.05.

Up ... still nothing happend, as far as I see.