MT4 VPS Advice - which account am I connected to?

Matthew Finch  

Hi, this is probably a stupid question but I am trying out the MT4 VPS for a month and cant figure something out. 

I started the registration with an account 937xxx which was in GBP and opened up a second demo account in EUR which is 557xxx.

I want to get rid of account 937xxx (GBP) completely from my MT4 terminal and just monitor the EUR account, but I cannot delete the GBP account without apparantly deleting the VPS connection. When I try to upload my EAs to the VPS for the EUR account it says I need to be logged into the GBP account. It says I cannot synchronise my signals unless I am logged into GBP. 

So now I am not sure which account my trades are going to execute on. 

How do I delete the GBP account and just have the EUR account in there - I am assuming one can have more than one account connected to VPS - at the moment I want only one, though. 

Update - just discovered that only one account per VPS. Fine for me, but how do I change my registered account?