why is this function called when the bool is false?

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This has probably got the better of me for a good 2 days now. In the attached code when I run it in Tester I should only be able to get "Short B called" to print in the Journals tab when the bool for it (rolShortB) is set to True. But, I can't see where it is getting switched to True?! Please can someone help?

I've ran Prints, and the values of rolShort B come out as false before the trade is placed, and then also false after the trade is placed. Screenshots attached of the journal output. I've no idea why this seems to be running so frequently.



rolShortB.png 142 kb
Keith Watford
Keith Watford  

To be honest, I gave up trying to read that code.

The indentation is all over the place,apparently random blank lines.

Use the styler on your code (Ctrl + ,) and tidy it up a bit.

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