TP - SL ratio? 1:1?

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Davide Tedesco
Davide Tedesco  

Hi at all,

I am studying various strategies based on the simple principle of 2ma,
as a starting model, to determine TP and SL.

So far, I have not achieved good results,
so I went to study all my notes again ...

to the notes I took on my trading course ...

in the course they explained how important it was to maintain a ratio of TP - SL of 1:1

Actually, applying this concept to my strategy, I got better results ....
and I think that this concept should always be taken into consideration,
even when the tools used to determine TP and SL are used.

Case or technique?

What do you think about it ?

Do you know which good post / article / publication you are talking about?
which TP-SL report to use? why ?

Thanks at all!!
Greg Pawlak
Greg Pawlak  
Hi, you need to research, which MA work well, which parameter period is the best, which level SL and TP is the best. Maybe use other indicator level is better to set up SL and TP and so on. Regards Greg
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