Handling 3 & 4 digits

Arthur Hatchiguian  


I didn't find any good doc about how to handle 3 & 4 digits for my EAs. 

My code looks like this:

 double buySL = Ask - SL * _Point;

 double buyTP =  Ask + TP * _Point;      

int openBuy(double buySL = 0, double buyTP = 0) {

   return OrderSend(_Symbol,OP_BUY ,lots(),Ask,0,buySL,buyTP,DoubleToString(lots()),magic_number,0,clrIndigo);


What should I add or remove?

Any help would be appreciated! thanks.

William Roeder  
  1. Please edit your (original) post and use the CODE button (Alt-S)! (For large amounts of code, attach it.)
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  2.  double buySL = Ask - SL * _Point;
     double buyTP =  Ask + TP * _Point;      
    You buy at the Ask and sell at the Bid. So for buy orders you pay the spread on open. For sell orders you pay the spread on close.
    1. Your buy order's TP/SL (or Sell Stop's/Sell Limit's entry) are triggered when the Bid reaches it. Not the Ask. Your SL is shorter by the spread and your TP is longer.
    2. Your sell order's TP/SL (or Buy Stop's/Buy Limit's entry) will be triggered when the Ask reaches it. To trigger at a specific Bid price, add the average spread.
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    3. The charts show Bid prices only. Turn on the Ask line to see how big the spread is (Tools → Options (Control-O) → charts → Show ask line.)

  3. Arthur Hatchiguian: I didn't find any good doc about how to handle 3 & 4 digits for my EAs.
    A PIP is not a Point.
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    Using Point means code breaks on 4 digit brokers, exotics (e.g. USDZAR where spread is over 500 points,) and metals. Compute what a PIP is and use it, not points.
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