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How long do you think is enough to judge a strategy

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Tonny Obare
Tonny Obare  
  • 13%
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  • 22%
Total voters: 46

 [x] it depends

this one is about demographic, principle is the same

The importance of n (sample size) in Statistics
n = number in a trial or sample. The aim of statistical testing is to uncover a significant difference when it actually exists. In its simplest form this involves comparing samples between one regime and another (which may be a control). Sample size is important because The sample size is chosen to maximise the chance of uncovering a...
Wagdy Abdelrahman
Wagdy Abdelrahman  

To judge strategy time wise its depend on the Strategy factors i.e :

1 - If the Strategy specified Pairs, Working Hours and Money Management, hence the results will depend on Risk/Reward % & Drawdown% which in my opinion take 2-3 months.

2 - If the Strategy NOT specified pairs, working hours and Money Management, hence you need to test it to get the most pairs protofilio and good Money Management and Low Risk/Reward% & Low Drawdown% which in my opinion will take on month more plus (2-3 months regular test). 

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