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How long do you think is enough to judge a strategy

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Tonny Obare
Tonny Obare 2014.06.03 23:00 
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Eristocrat 2014.06.04 07:53  

 [x] it depends

this one is about demographic, principle is the same

The importance of n (sample size) in Statistics
n = number in a trial or sample. The aim of statistical testing is to uncover a significant difference when it actually exists. In its simplest form this involves comparing samples between one regime and another (which may be a control). Sample size is important because The sample size is chosen to maximise the chance of uncovering a...
Wagdy Abdelrahman
Wagdy Abdelrahman 2014.06.04 11:42  

To judge strategy time wise its depend on the Strategy factors i.e :

1 - If the Strategy specified Pairs, Working Hours and Money Management, hence the results will depend on Risk/Reward % & Drawdown% which in my opinion take 2-3 months.

2 - If the Strategy NOT specified pairs, working hours and Money Management, hence you need to test it to get the most pairs protofilio and good Money Management and Low Risk/Reward% & Low Drawdown% which in my opinion will take on month more plus (2-3 months regular test). 

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