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How to get price at a specific time of day for use in an EA

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Ntazana Sichone
Ntazana Sichone  

looking to program an EA that creates a Fib channel with anchor points that are specified at a particular time. how do I program this...


where Price1= price at open of TimeD1..

timeD1 and so on are constant i.e analysis is a same time of day every day, Then I must be able to notify using metaquotes id when price is at significant fib levels..

Dua Yong Rew
Dua Yong Rew  
The the minute bars that had lapse and look back with copyclose?
Ntazana Sichone
Ntazana Sichone  

I follow so far ....

int CopyOpen(
   string      symbol_name,   //for security
   ENUM_TIMEFRAMES timeframe, // period
   datetime        start_time,// start date and time
   datetime        stop_time, // stop date and time
   double      &open_array[]   //target to copy open prices

how does this get used in program to tell me price at 02:00 and @03:20 and @ 07:40( the idea is that when the day turns the fib channel & trendlines should be redrawn same time on the new date)

so that I can use these as anchor points for a fib channel....

then I would need to read the value of different levels of fib channel and and compare these with price...

In a nutshell the EA I need to program needs to draw a fibchannel at specific anchor points in time( where y-axis is time and x-axis is price co-ordinate). anchors 1,2,3

Then draw 2 trendlines , 1 through anchor1 and anchor 3 the other through anchor 2 and anchor 3,

preferred time frame for analysis is 30 min

Fib levels for the channel 23.6, 38.2, 61.8, 100, 161.8 , 261.8 and 423.6

depeneding on (1)time (2)Rsi level (3)Stochiiaastic (4) below or above trendline different levels should advise a trading range or current target

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