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Hon Yin Shum
Hon Yin Shum  
Who used T101 system to trade? If I have $10,000, how many percentages can it earn per month? Or what is the average annual profit?
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

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William Roeder
William Roeder  

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    I have problems with the off-line chart generator:
    1. Chart is calculated as arithmetic mean of each symbol in the basket. If you average EURUSD and USDJPY all you get is JPY. Can't do that, they are incompatible types. Can't average 10 CM and 10 miles and expect to get a useful result. Must use instead geometric mean.
    2. The original basket thread had 7 buy symbols and 7 sell symbols. If the buys are winning, the sells are loosing. That is why you buy all 14. The OLCG sums all 14. I think it should be using the reciprocal of the sell symbols.
    3. OLC calculates H/L/C as sum individual H/L/C. As pointed out (T101 Basket Trader with ONE of Nanningbob's Balls - Page 4 № 77 @ Forex Factory) that makes the tails artificially long, since not all symbols reach H/L at the same second. This fix is simple, H=max(H,C), L=min(L,C). Close per № 2.1.
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