Basic Old School System

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Dear All Traders,

I didn't know that Forex-Tsd is no longer exist, ( a lot memory was build me ... thanks ...)

as a big thanks i'll share my trading system for you, i call it "Basic Old School System" ( BOSS )

so here's the system

Basic knowledge :

1. Equidistant Channel

2. Trendline

3. Candlestick / Chart Pattern

4. Fibonacci

5. Timing <=== (Patient, discipline, attitude)  this is the KEY

6. Advance Drawing Skill...... :) coz.. a lot you'll draw

Step 1 :

Spot Top and the Recent Top Swings, Draw a Trendline between the Top Swings, copy the line and move the anchor to recent Bottom Swing

step 1

Step 2 :

Spot Bottom and the Recent Possible Bottom Swing, Draw a Trendline between the Bottom Swing, copy the line and move the anchor to the recent Top Swing

Step 2

Step 3 :

Repeat step 1 & Step 2 till the end.......

Step 3

That's it.

That's the core of the system

sorry i'm not gonna tell you where the Buy or Sell Signal is. coz it's my problem too

That's The Old Forex-tsd Teach me...

if there any interested in old school study, Let Discuss it together, 

if any coder willing to help build this indicator, that's would be awesome.... :) 


Forex-Tsd student


I remembered a story about a young driver and his coach

there is a talented driver, 

winning after winning,

until in a prestigious match

all of them wanted to be champions, up to the last corner,

with the intention of overtaking his rival even though it was a little risky, he thought "this is the time!!!", "Do it or never at all!!!", then there was crash.....

all of a sudden everything changed, his fans who used to adore him, so hated him for his failure,


his coach visited him at the hospital


Coach :"Do you know what caused you crash?" too aggressive, I told you. Timing.timing.timing!!!

     "You should know, it's impossible to overtake that corner"

     "Pass it when you have a big chance otherwise just let it go…."

       "don't push your luck too hard"


Race Star : "are you done yet?!"

         "Don't act like a super star in front of me"

 "I am a star here, I hold a trophy"

 "if you are tough as you are"

 "prove me. why don't you race by yourself"

 "I've never heard you become a star and hold a trophy"

 "just stop your stupid nonsense and shut your mouth"


Then suddenly the coach grab him
Coach	       : "look at you!, who are you now!"
			 "a whining loser!"
			"don't make me regret, I do saw shining star behind you that you don’t see"
			"you have talent and future to come "
			"so get on your feet, fix your arm, stop blaming, fix your technique, fix everything, open your mind, empty your cup and let the fresh water filled in"
			"we’ll practice.practice.practice coz that makes perfect"
			"a Champ is not about winning or trophy"
			"Do it better day by day,  someday winning and trophy are just a bonus"
 			"get well soon, our training just getting harder."
And the coach left him speechless
And now he’s a world legend champion racer,  since now he brough his coach and crews with him event with different sponsor
(This is half-truth story)




After Briefly learning Basic Strategy

let's take a step forward,

How to Pick a Broker that don't make you Broke

it's same GBP/USD, it's same Time Frame H1 (April 25, 2019 to May 14, 2019)


Broker A :

Broker A

Broker B

Broker B


Different Broker 

Different Server

Different Time

Different Volatility

Different Liquidity

Different Price

Different Drawing

Different Analysis

Different Decision

But Only bring you One Conclusion ===> Blow Up Your Account


Result Broker A :

Result Broker A

Result Broker B :

Result Broker B


here's a Hint.

Go Find suitable Big Reliable Broker out there. Get their Demo as your source analysis


Drawing is not about connecting Body to Body or Tail to Tail

it's an ART 


Here's simple Equidistant with parallel line

examine how the price reaction into those parallel line

GBPUSD H1 (April 25, 2019 to May 14, 2019)

BOSS in Action

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