Deals In Hedging Mode - MT5

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Hello everyone.

I find the need to convert an MT5 Netting Mode EA into Hedging Mode due to my broker no longer offering demo netting accounts.

My EA does not make use of hedging positions. Either BUY or SELL are open at any one time but not both. However, each position can have multiple deals as the volume is added to during its life.

The documentation reads:

Position Properties

Execution of trade operations results in the opening of a position, changing of its volume and/or direction, or its disappearance. Trade operations are conducted based on orders, sent by the OrderSend() function in the form of trade requests. For each financial security(symbol) only one open position is possible. A position has a set of properties available for reading by the PositionGet...() functions.

Maybe I am looking at an older version of the documentation, as my understanding is that since the release of the hedging mode option, multiple positions can be open simultaneously.

My actual question however relates to 'Deals' in hedging mode. I make use of these in my current EA, as I open multiple deals during the life of a position, adding to its volume. I am assuming that in Hedging Mode there are no Deals as such, just positions that I will need to loop through. Does anyone have any comments on this? or experience in converting an EA from Netting to Hedging mode?

If any one can offer some guidance I would be really appreciative.

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