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Neural Networks: what's your opinion?

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Elmo de Moraes
Elmo de Moraes 2014.05.15 05:12 

Ladies and gentlemen,

I believe that virtually every trader quatitativo heard and wanted to apply in their strategies; that its use would make our super profitable EA - myth.

Particularly it is a subject I'm beginning to devote myself almost for fun. We have this several articles on the use of this feature, but virtually no opinion on the advantages or disadvantages that this feature has brought to their Adivisors Expert. Also items that never taught us to apply in a adivisor expert (afffffffff)

Simply, to you colleagues who have ventured in this adventure of neural networks, what is your opinion about neural networks? They really helped to enhance (or not) one your strategy? How has met the expectations?

Conte to find something more relevant. Not available in my opinion by not yet have one. But you will enjoy the posting here to treat you as pedagogical.


sylvain claverie
sylvain claverie 2014.05.15 13:23  
ElmoDeMoraes :

Mesdames et Messieurs,

Je Crois Que pratiquement Tous les quatitativo commerçant Entendu et voulait appliquer DANS Leurs stratégies; utilisation Qué fils rendrait Notre superbe EA locative - mythe.

En Particulier, il intérêt non Sujet Que je commencent à me consacrer Presque Pour le plaisir. Nous Avons this PLUSIEURS articles sur l'utilisation de this Fonctionnalité, MAIS pratiquement Pas d'opinion Sur Les Avantages ous les Inconvénients Qué this Fonctionnalité une Portées une Leur Adivisors d'experts. Also des Articles Qui ne Nous A Jamais APPRI à appliquer Dans Un adivisor d'experts (afffffffff)

Simplement, Vous Collègues Qui se SONT Aventures de la DANS CETTE Aventure de Réseaux de neurones, Quelle Est Votre opinion Sur Les Réseaux de neurones? ILS Ont contribué Vraiment une ameliorer (AP) de ous non Votre Stratégie? Commentaire répondu aux Attentes un?

Conte de Trouver Reportages journey de Plus pertinente. DANS non disponible lun. opinion by ralph disposent rappel. Maïs Vous pourrez Profiter de l'Affichage here for Vous traiter Comme pédagogique.


for my part I'm not really convinced yet
Young Ho Seo
Young Ho Seo 2014.08.30 00:14  

Some interesting articles about Neural Networks for financial trading.

Forex with Artificial Intelligence - Home page
Forex with Artificial Intelligence - Home page
Every year, scientists and researchers thrive to develop new technology to save this world. The current progress in our new IT technology is ever exciting from smart phone to humanoid robot, ASIMO. The new technology in investment and financial trading is not exception and they are also progressing sharply with other technology. In this...
JD4 2015.07.04 04:19  
I cannot speak from experience as I do not yet have any active use of anyone else's NN nor have I yet tried my hand at coding one myself.  I think that the possibility of them, if they are trained correctly, and specifically tuned then they can help people with their trading, is to make some good trades.  Have they (generally speaking) stood up to their supposed capabilities?  I don't think so yet, but I don't think it is because they are not capable.  I think as far as trading goes, they are like every other trading strategy out there.  They work well for some market conditions, but not so well for others.  The trick still is knowing when and how to use them, and when not to.  In this respect, do I think they will do better than live traders?  Yes, if the trader is not very knowledgeable, very real possibility.  Better than any and all traders?  No.
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