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Expert Advisors: A la "Bobsley" Expert Advisor

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Automated-Trading 2011.01.27 14:01 

A la "Bobsley" Expert Advisor:

The Expert Advisor uses the Moving Average and Stochastic indicators.

It isn't the original version of "Mover3MkII" Expert Advisor by Boris Odintsov, it's my viewpoint on deals of Automated Trading Championship 2010.

To open positions it uses the signals of Moving Average and Stochastic indicators.

EURUSD, M5, every tick, 5-15 lots.

The strategy:

  • Open long position: MA increases, Stochastic increases and located below the oversold level.
  • Open short position: MA decreases, Stochastic decreases and located above the overbought level.
  • Close positions: Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

Author: Андрей Корнишкин

Figure 1. Expert Advisor, tested in optimization period with best parameters

Figure 2. Expert Advisor, tested in post-optimization period

chiche 2011.06.01 21:02  

A la "Bobsley" Expert Advisor:

Author: Андрей Корнишкин

try it an large period and you will see that does not work.

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