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Scripts: Export Indicator's Values v1

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Automated-Trading 2011.01.21 10:31 

Export Indicator's Values v1:

After searching for such script, I decided to create mine, and decided to share it with the MQL5 community.

This script exports indicator's values to CSV File along with date and time (you can change the iCustom function parameters to change what indicator to export).

Author: NFTrader

Export Indicator's Values

bougie 2011.12.31 13:43  
This is a good and simple sample. Think you.
drwhiz 2012.04.09 08:51  


 Thank you for your work. Is it possible to modify this script to only allow the indicator values of the last bar complete to be exported while backtesting? For example, i am going through the history of EurUsd, i notice a specific bar that i want to record indicator values for. I run your script and it records down the date/time of bar and the indicator value of the last complete bar? Is that possible?


Can we also use more than 1 indicator? Or will this require multiple scripts? 

Ecirba 2012.12.11 21:03  


Thank you for the job.  Unfortunately, when I run the script, no file is created. I updated the script to write in C:/temp/. When i run in debug I can see that the filename is correct and I don't get any error but there is no file.

Any clue ?



Petko Enchev
Petko Enchev 2014.12.14 12:28  
Doesn't work.
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