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Discussion of article "Moving Mini-Max: a New Indicator for Technical Analysis and Its Implementation in MQL5"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2011.01.21 10:19 

New article Moving Mini-Max: a New Indicator for Technical Analysis and Its Implementation in MQL5 is published:

In the following article I am describing a process of implementing Moving Mini-Max indicator based on a paper by Z.G.Silagadze 'Moving Mini-max: a new indicator for technical analysis'. The idea of the indicator is based on simulation of quantum tunneling phenomena, proposed by G. Gamov in the theory of alpha decay.

Figure 2. Final version of Moving Mini-Max indicator

Author: investeo

Franco 2011.01.30 01:47  

Awesome idea I really like it, going to do some backtests with this!

Good job! 

Jin 2011.01.30 08:50  

It's a very interesting article. Thanks to the author.

NFTrader 2011.02.12 21:49  
love it!
NFTrader 2011.02.12 22:50  

But how one can back-test it since it's drawings is only for a limited timespan (for the last recent bars only), I tried to edit the code so it can draw for all bars available without me messing, but I haven't succeed! 

am I missing something? 

Kebin Du
Kebin Du 2011.10.19 12:24  
I love this article very much. I will modify it and use it for my daily trade.
muller 2012.01.09 08:12  

Very good article, thanks.

But i've played with it on forward testing:

- it badly repaint

- it only lately confirm the past

- the  lastest data are not drawn: looks like a sift of 4 or bars

So as it works at time, there is to many issues.

Documentation on MQL5: Standard Constants, Enumerations and Structures / Indicator Constants / Drawing Styles
Standard Constants, Enumerations and Structures / Indicator Constants / Drawing Styles - Documentation on MQL5
conanlh903 2013.02.17 07:05  

I really apprecialte this article.

However, I have read the original paper and your code. I have a question about the code following:

 for(k=0; k<m; k++)
         sqiip1 += MathExp(2*(S[m-1+i+k]-S[i])/(S[m-1+i+k]+S[i]));
         sqiim1 += MathExp(2*(S[m-1+i-k]-S[i])/(S[m-1+i-k]+S[i]));

         dqiip1 += MathExp(-2*(S[m-1+i+k]-S[i])/(S[m-1+i+k]+S[i]));
         dqiim1 += MathExp(-2*(S[m-1+i-k]-S[i])/(S[m-1+i-k]+S[i]));       

this is derive from this formula

since the footnote of i in formula was changed by m-1+i in the code, why the other part of the code does not change the footnote of i?

I mean: shouldnt this code would be like following?

sqiip1 += MathExp(2*(S[m-1+i+k]-S[m-1+i])/(S[m-1+i+k]+S[m-1+i]));

conanlh903 2013.02.18 06:39  

Another question I want to raise about this factor is when I caculate Qi,I use the data in the next several when I move the total timewindow I should recaculate all the Usi from the begining to the ending, the Usi for the same price point would not be the same which make the back-test make no sense.
teguh joko widodo
teguh joko widodo 2013.09.18 04:05  

i think this indicator just for meta5. how could i attach it at meta4? or am i missing something? thanks in advance.


Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2013.09.18 08:04  
Yes, this is for MT5. But indicators for MT5 can not be used in MT4; and indicators for MT4 can not be used for MT5. At least - it is what I know for now. For the future - no idea : some people say the we will have one MetaEditor for MT4 and MT5 and so on so I hope that it may be changed something with it.
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