Indicator EX4 files are deleted on startup of MT4 (build 1170)

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Hi... my first post so be gentle..

I'm new to MetaTrader, and signed up to a broker (LCG) and installed their MT4 download (build 1170).

I also acquired a couple of custom indicators (just the .ex4 files) from a different source.

I added the .ex4 files to  indicators folder (via 'Open Data Folder'), so here XXXX\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\9749B605B51C67ED0AC51DDAA1A6E74B\MQL4\Indicators\.

When i refresh the Indicator tree in the Navigator pane, the new indicators do NOT appear in the tree.

If i close and restart MT4, the .ex4 files are deleted automatically. Gone.

I think i read somewhere that MT4 attempts to recompile any source .mq4 files on startup to recreate the .ex4 executables.

Is that correct? Is that why my .ex4 files are being deleted?

But what if you dont have the source .mq4 files in the first place?  i.e. you only purchased the .ex4?  which i would guess is how many traders operate.

Or could it be that the .ex4 files were developed under an older version of MT4 and are not compatible with build 1170

Any help/pointers would be appreciated


Revo Trades
Revo Trades  
if you got your indicators from mql5 marketplace, then you need to put your username and password into the terminal "community" settings. And the files that you paid for will download and install in the terminal folders, if you have activations left over.
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