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Experts: Close on cross Kijun Sen

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp.  

Close on cross Kijun Sen:

When price crosses Kijun Sen the EA will closes open positions on the chart.

Author: file45


Why keep re-setting a Scrip, Indicator or EA default parameter from, say, 34 to 50 ? Permanently change the default setting to 50 or make a copy with default 50 !

See HERE for instruction. It's dead easy ! - author: file45
Mario Hennenberger
Mario Hennenberger  

Perfect .. that is the ultimate hammer for my lack of attention ..

many times i not close bcause it may go back, but it never does, this fixes this ;)


however if you want to allow it to go over Kijun Sen "Points_to_cross" have to be negative.

i like it to let it go over it a little bit as in many cases the Kijun Sen is been testet but not crossed.


would it be possible to have "close above" instead of "Points_to_cross " 

or maybe even a combination .. so the points can be higher .. and it can be east "tested" but once a bar gets large enough to touch the "Points_to_cross" value 

or a bar actually closes above ...

that would make this EA the ultimate tool !

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