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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.05.03 07:25 


EA based on macd signal and ema cross

Author: Allan Gunst

Mario Trinchero
Mario Trinchero 2012.05.03 10:41  


in 2012 year your EA losts all money.

Why ?



Allan Gunst
Allan Gunst 2012.05.03 20:58  

im running this EA live on my account... no death yet. what setting did you use? if it died it sounds like you didnt use a S/L..

On the given settings the EA gains pips in trending scenarios and survives in choppy markets. so in the long run it should win are you on a 5 digit acct or 4? perhaps you should try to optimise the settings to suit your broker better. id recommend to start with turning off the moneymanagement setting and try to optimise the stoploss and perhaps the trailing. and when you find a good spot then turn on the money management again. i recommend no more than 3% so 3 if youre on a 4 digit broker or 0.3 on a 5 digit broker.

If that doesnt work you can try to optimise the ema and macd settings


Allan Gunst
Allan Gunst 2012.05.03 21:05  

this is my tester result for 2012 so far.

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