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Indicators: MA's on the side

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp.  

MA's on the side:

Often times I find my chart is too cluttered with indicators to see the price action, however I still need those reference points. My solution was to create an indicator which displays the current level of some of the MA's of the current candle.

Author: bdeyes


Man I love you guys.

I put in the original post that I didn't want to make MA changes for you, cause there's only like about a million different MA's combinations in MetaTrader (I'm sure I'm going to hear about that - I'm know someone on here has probably actually counted).

The post has been up less than a day and I have already had 3 requests for different MA's

Here's how you change the MA's - if you can type you can do this.

Open the mq4 file of the indicator in MetaEditor

Save the file under another name i.e. MA_Segments v2

Change the highlighted parts to match the MA you want to use. Replace the timeframe (PERIOD_D1) with one of these Replace the period (200) with whatever number you want. Replace the MA Method (MODE_SMA) with the one you want (Don't mess up the commas)

Change the red part of the variables to match your MA using this format MA_Timeframe_Period_MA Method

Change the green object names the same as you did the variables above. Note that the line and the label each have a name. (Don't mess up the double quotes)

Change the label text to match your MA.

Don't forget to change your comments also.

Click on Compile.



PS: Now you're a programer too!!!

The variables are at the top...
extern bool MA_D1_200_SMA = true; // set true to display
These are further down...
int deinit()
    // Daily 200 SMA line Change your comments too
    if (MA_D1_200_SMA) // draw if true
    // if there is an old line delete it...
    if (ObjectFind("D1_200_SMA") != -1) ObjectDelete("D1_200_SMA");
    // and draw a new one.
    ObjectCreate("D1_200_SMA", OBJ_TREND, 0, Time[0]+line_leader, iMA(NULL, PERIOD_D1,200,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0), (Time[0]+line_length+line_adjustment), iMA(NULL, PERIOD_D1,200,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0));
    ObjectSet("D1_200_SMA", OBJPROP_RAY, false);
    ObjectSet("D1_200_SMA", OBJPROP_TIME1, Time[0]+line_leader);
    ObjectSet("D1_200_SMA", OBJPROP_TIME2, (Time[0]+line_length+line_adjustment));
    ObjectSet("D1_200_SMA", OBJPROP_COLOR, Lime);
    // Daily 200 SMA text label Change your comments too
    if (MA_D1_200_SMA) // draw if true
    // if there is an old label delete it...
    if (ObjectFind("D1_200_SMA_label") != -1) ObjectDelete("D1_200_SMA_label");
    // and draw new one.
    ObjectCreate("D1_200_SMA_label", OBJ_TEXT, 0, (Time[0]+text_shift+text_adjustment), iMA(NULL, PERIOD_D1,200,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0));
    ObjectSet("D1_200_SMA_label", OBJPROP_TIME1, (Time[0]+text_shift+text_adjustment));
    ObjectSet("D1_200_SMA_label", OBJPROP_COLOR, Lime);
    ObjectSetText("D1_200_SMA_label", "D1 200 SMA", font_size, "Arial", Lime); 
Johannes Jilles van Duijn
Johannes Jilles van Duijn  
good idee bad indicator

Will come back to look at this one as it is along the lines of something I want to do, ie; I want to be able to display MAV values no matter what time frame I'm in - like show the daily200MAV and the 1hr200mav even if I'm in say the 5 min chart

Will come back t it as I'm searching for something else atm........

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments  

Thank you so much,

great idea !! it 's very useful !!


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