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Experts: Scalp_RSI

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Do you know that MQL5 has event handling?
MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2011.01.19 09:12 


Uses movements of the relative strenghts index to find long-opportunities. Profitable (and especially reliable) parameters for short-positions couldn't be found

Author: Martin

Fadel 2011.01.19 11:51  


I used your ea in many different ways, making the sl more than tp and made the tp more than the sl,but my results were that only it knows how to lose.

i guess if you add an invert to it, it may win . which is if it wants to open a sell position, it opens a buy instead.

Any way thanks for the work.

Martin 2011.01.19 13:32  
on which account did you test the EA? Could you send me the trade history? you loaded the settings, that are also provided in the zip-file?
MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2011.01.19 19:42  

Nice idea, but does NOT WORK... what is wrong?

Symbol EURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)
Periode 1 Minute (M1) 2010.01.04 01:00 - 2011.01.18 23:59 (2010.01.01 - 2011.01.19)
Modell Jedes Ticksignal (präziseste Methode, die auf allen nächsten verfügbaren kleineren Zeitrahmen basiert)
Parameter buy_bewegung=18; buy_period=2; buy_breakdown=2; buy_RSIv=30; sell_bewegung=8; sell_period=3; sell_breakdown=4; sell_RSIv=85; buy_StopLoss=80; buy_TakeProfit=20; sell_StopLoss=40; sell_TakeProfit=39; buy_MA=14; sell_MA=14; enable_buy=true; enable_sell=false; Trade_________________=true; Lots=0.05; Slipage=20; breakEven=15; TrailingStopLoss=false; MinMoney=20; Magic=102;
Balken im Test 275615 Ticks modelliert 6556791 Modellierungsqualität 25.00%
Fehler in Charts-Anpassung 0
Ursprüngliche Einlage 3000.00
Gesamt netto Profit -254.69 Brutto Profit 2423.64 Brutto Loss -2678.33
Profit Faktor 0.90 Erwartetes Ergebnis -0.82
Drawdown absolut 774.77 Maximaler Drawdown 854.89 (27.76%) Relative Drawdown 27.76% (854.89)
Trades gesamt 309 Short Positionen (gewonnen %) 0 (0.00%) Long Positionen (gewonnen %) 309 (78.32%)
Profit Trades (% gesamt) 242 (78.32%) Loss Trades (% gesamtl) 67 (21.68%)
Grösster Profit Trade 10.52 Loss Trade -40.00
Durchschnitt Profit Trade 10.02 Loss Trade -39.98
Maximum aufeinanderfolgende Gewinne (Profit in Geld) 24 (240.92) Aufeinanderfolgende Verluste (Verlust in Geld) 5 (-199.92)
Maximal Aufeinanderfolgender Profit (Anzahl der Gewinne) 240.92 (24) Aufeinanderfolgende Verluste (Anzahl der Verluste) -199.92 (5)
Durchschnitt aufeinanderfolgende Gewinne 6 aufeinanderfolgende Verluste 2

I used settings from the zip file...

Martin 2011.01.20 00:15  
can you tell me, with which broker you can receive data from january 2010. with accounts at tadawulfx and AlpariUK, my data go only back until October :(
MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2011.01.30 18:34  
on which account did you test the EA? Could you send me the trade history? you loaded the settings, that are also provided in the zip-file?

Hi how you copy the thing into the program??
karen magtaghyan
karen magtaghyan 2011.02.01 01:55  

I try on broker platform it is much bettre. this broker is good for scalping.

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