Indicators: Jurik Volty


Jurik Volty:

About Jurik smoothing there is one part that is less known: Jurik smoothing is adaptive indicator.

It is using something that is sometimes refereed to Jurik Volty (a sort of market volatility) for that adapting. This is the indicator that is calculating and showing periods of elevated or lesser volatility as a standalone indicator. Parameters are simple:

  • Volatility period.
  • Price.

There are no other parameters used by this indicator.

PS: do not forget that the indicator is not directional. The color change is showing periods of elevated or lessened than average volatility - not the expected direction of market prices.

Author: Mladen Rakic

Hi, I was wondering, is it possible if you can make an MT4 version of this?

Dear MLaden

Could you please make a Juric Volty for MT5 that is identical to
"Jurik volty bands - separate 1.02.mq4"

It is the extra missing lines that provide important info


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Jahmin Spalding
Jahmin Spalding  

does this indicator repaints?