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symbol EURUSD synchronization error

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slacktrader 2010.10.25 15:56 
I am trying to execute EA from article: I get an error: symbol EURUSD synchronization error and LOG fiel contains also messages: Expert removed because indicator 26 cannot load [4801] and Error of creation of the MA indicator - error number: 4801!! does anybody have a clue where could be a problem? Thanks
Adaptive Trading Systems and Their Use in the MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal
  • 2010.09.14
  • MetaQuotes Software Corp.
This article suggests a variant of an adaptive system that consists of many strategies, each of which performs its own "virtual" trade operations. Real trading is performed in accordance with the signals of a most profitable strategy at the moment. Thanks to using of the object-oriented approach, classes for working with data and trade classes of the Standard library, the architecture of the system appeared to be simple and scalable; now you can easily create and analyze the adaptive systems that include hundreds of trade strategies.
Alexey Da
Alexey Da 2010.10.25 16:32  

How have you tried to execute EA? Where did you get error?

Attach full logs.

I loaded all files and executed EA successfully.

Any way check location of all indicator files are used. It is a common reason to get this error.

slacktrader 2010.10.25 17:41  
It is solved already. No Idea how... Terminal updated today Anyway, thanks for a help. Attached LOGs, with error from 20.10.2010 and from today without an error.
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