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Automated-Trading 2010.10.19 18:54 

ClearView - PricePointer, RoundNumberMarker, PeriodSeparator plus template:

Enhance your charts by adding intelligent markers for important price points and the start/end of year/month/week/day/session Includes a price pointer that changes color whenever price is near an important price point (e.g. historical high/low).

This is a set of three indicators to enhance the look of your charts. Use it instead of the default 'Show grid' from the chart properties menu. A template to quickly load all three is also included. These indicators may be more useful for manual or hybrid trading but even for automated trading they could provide visual clues for optimization of the system.

The idea behind the indicators is that people have a tendency to set targets and stops on or near round numbers (50/100/500/1000 pips) on the chart and historical highs and lows. As a result these price points can become support or resistance areas. These indicators show clearly when price is near any of these points.

  • ClearView_PricePointer: bid/ask pointer with color-coded alerts every 500/1000 pips, daily high/low, high/low on the chart, historical high/low, shows last bid/ask/spread/tick-time;
  • ClearView_RoundNumberMarker: draws markers for every 50/100/500/1000 pips, high/low on the chart, historical high/low;
  • ClearView_PeriodSeparator: period separator to mark days, weeks, months and custom session start/end.

Author: traderak20







dinmeh 2013.01.09 07:57  

Hi: Will this Indicator work on MT4...Thanx

phi nuts
phi nuts 2013.01.09 15:14  

Hi: Will this Indicator work on MT4...Thanx

No, the code is written in MQL5, so it's only works for MT4. If you want it for MT4 you have to create it yourself.
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