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New article How to create Requirements Specification for ordering an indicator has been published:

Most often the first step in the development of a trading system is the creation of a technical indicator, which can identify favorable market behavior patterns. A professionally developed indicator can be ordered from the Freelance service. From this article you will learn how to create a proper Requirements Specification, which will help you to obtain the desired indicator faster.

Formulating the Requirements Specification as an algorithm

Every indicator reflects an idea. Therefore, first you need to describe the idea, in words and pictures, if possible. If the idea is not explained, it will be much more difficult for the developer to understand what the customer wants.

Now you can proceed with the description of the indicator operation/calculation/display algorithm. Describe the algorithm as a sequence of operations. The developer will be able to write an appropriate code based on the described algorithm. If the description of the idea and the algorithm contains terms, you should explicitly define them to make sure both parties equally understand their meaning.

Divide the algorithm into stages and arrange them in the same sequence as you want them to work. Do not jump between different parts of the Requirements Specification, make sure to properly describe one block, module or step before switching to the next one.

Use lists to describe terms, as follows:

  1. Daily range — the distance between the High and Low price during the day
  2. Average range — the average value of the daily range for N days
  3. Flat — a narrow price channel, inside which bodies of candlesticks are formed in the same range
  4. ...

To define stages, use numbers, lists and bold font.

Try to present the Requirements Specification as a series of actions that occur one after another, in the same order they should be performed in the final program. Some examples of Requirements Specifications are shown below.

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Vladimir Pastushak
Vladimir Pastushak  
Very useful article. I recommend that you strictly follow the principles described in it. This will make Your life easier and you will get what you want!
Oops! Comments intended for here were posted elsewhere :-)  "Much appreciated... at times I hoped it not true but putting information in the open is the best way to hide it :-( Bless! "
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